Focus Capsule

Pomodoro Timer

With Pomodoro, focus on your work and rest.


Focus Capsule is an application that can help you work or study.

You can stay focused during the working and rest times you set.

You can increase your productivity with the Pomodoro Timer.

With Focus Capsule,


Immerse yourself in studying,


Do your own work,


Focus on yourself.


– Pomodoro timer that sets your own work and rest times

– Suport dark mode

– iCloud sync

Everything is synchronized via iCloud, so you can do the same on other devices signed in with the same Apple ID.

– Change timer theme

Color, progress direction, title view, toggle remaining time indication, alarm, etc.

– Pomodoro statistics

Daily, weekly, monthly statistics

Features to be supported

– Support iPad (not supported yet)
– Support Apple Watch (not supported yet)
– Support macOS (not supported yet)


This app can be used for free up to 50 Pomodoro, and payment is required for continued use.


Focus with Focus Capsule.

This app can be used for free up to 50 Pomodoro.